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What they say about susan's show:

"OMG, I want to see the show again and drag everyone I know to it. It was fabulous and breathtaking. Thank you for making the evening so special and one to be remembered." G. Whittemore 

"Saw tonite such an Amazing one women new musical  “UNLIMITED!” Susan Edwards Martin was Remarkable! -what a Terrific nite - she wrote the book,music and lyrics - That journeys thru her life and special career - every moment is filled with her heart and soul and her gift to make you laugh and move you with a song - such a powerful voice- without a doubt it will soon have a run here in L.A. and find its way to NYC- great work by all involved - musical director Sam Kriger with Jeremy Guskin directing- Congratulations for this wonderful show!" J. Kirby

"Last night I had the pleasure and privilege of seeing the incredibly talented, glorious soul Susan Edwards Martin create magic. 

With the voice of an angel, and the heart to match, she took us on the journey of her life. 

She made us laugh. She made us cry. She made us think. She made us sigh. 

And she made us fall in love with the shining star she was, and always will be. 

And now, my dearest Susan, I'm going to put on my sunglasses, because your future is going to be so bright…"  J.Richards Moses

The show was FANTASTIC!!! The Response was overwhelming!!! 

It was a gift to share in that evening!!! You are an inspiration...thank you….

With much respect, admiration and love, H. Turk

“Ladies and gentlemen, I have encountered a brand new nightclub star. Welcome the fabulous Susan Edwards Martin to the world of Los Angeles cabaret… and was she worth waiting for. A knockout singer and comic actress, Martin in some ways, might be considered the female Jason Graae. She holds her audience in the palm of her hand with friendliness and charm and exudes a nonstop fast paced energy that never lets down. The laughs come naturally, never forced. She's just funny, pure and simple. Accompanying her at the piano for the hour set was Sam Kriger, who comedically got into the act himself.”

Don Grigware, Broadway World


Here are some excerpts from many different performances including, Lady Blues, the torch singer in the Tony Award winning play TORCH SONG TRILOGY; Jenny Grossinger in Grossinger's...The Last Resort in concert with the Los Angeles Jewish Symphony conducted by Noreen Green and directed by John Bowab; Vitello's Classic Broadway evening produced by Frasier Entertainment and Brad Ellis accompaniment; all other numbers accompanied by the amazing Michael Orland of American Idol Fame!


The opening number of UNLIMITED!

Starring Broadway's Susan Edwards Martin UNLIMITED! had its debut at NHCRS on Nov. 3, 2017 Jeremy Guskin, Director Sam Kriger, Music Director


Meet the cast of Minnie's Boys. Susan Edwards Martin plays the role of Minnie Marx. One night only, Sunday February 10, 2019 at 7PM Alex Theatre, Glendale

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